A Guide to Making Creative Explainer Videos

explainer video

Text-based advertising is gradually losing its effectiveness. The rise in the popularity of image- and video-based posts on social media is also affecting advertising strategies. Nowadays, videos are the most popular form of media online. Therefore, businesses are now replacing old ways of advertising with newer ones, i.e. video ads.

There is a special term for video advertisements. They are called explainer videos. These videos, as their name suggests, serve the purpose of explaining the product to the potential buyer. They usually begin with an introduction to your brand or product. This is followed by a demo, where the viewer sees how the product is used. The viewer also gets to know about the purpose of the product. The last part usually contains snippets of positive feedback that your product has received from reliable sources. This helps you gain the viewer’s trust. This format is usually followed by all product explainer videos.

How to make explainer videos

First, you must come up with a creative idea for your video. The best explainer videos are usually short, with durations ranging from 45 to 60 seconds. You must come up with an idea that can be communicated within this short time.

After the idea is selected, you will need to write a script for it. With witty dialog, you can manage to keep the audience engaged for a longer time. However, you can choose the tone of your script according to the kind of product that the video features. As long as the dialog is not boring or monotonous, engaging the audience should not be a problem.

Next comes the process of creating the video itself. You can use Powtoon, Moovly, or any other software to make free explainer videos easily. You can create a variety of animation styles with this software. Animated explainer videos are one of the most famous type of video advertisement. They are usually made using digitally drawn animations. Another popular type is whiteboard explainer videos. These videos have a white background. The video shows the content as if it were being written on a whiteboard. You can also hire professional actors and cameramen to shoot a live explainer video.

Once the voiceover is added to the video and the editing process is complete, you can launch the explainer video online. It can be published on your website or on various social media platforms in order to gain the maximum number of views.

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