Can virtual reality substitute an actual reality?

A few decades ago, if you had told someone you can make long-distance video calls in the future, they would have laughed at your face. But today, video calls over Skype or Google’s Duo are an everyday phenomenon. Technology has moved so fast in the last five years that some of us are still in awe of what we can do with our everyday gadgets.

Virtual Reality is one of those dreams that is now within our grasp. Get a decent a headset and you can convert your smartphone into a VR device.

 Virtual reality is a computer-generated reality that can make you believe you are in a different world. A VR headset closes off your visual senses to external stimuli and the view inside adjusts to your head’s position, making you believe you are moving on the surface of Mars even if you just walking in your hallway.

Gaming in virtual reality is unbelievably realistic, especially if you are using high-end gear like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Apart from gaming, there now VR apps for dating, gambling and even holiday experiences like swimming with the dolphins or climbing up the Himalayas. VR based porn has shattered all records in profitability for the industry.

Many music concerts and sports events have VR apps that allow you to sit on your sofa at home and enjoy a match with the same feeling you get in the stadium. In many ways, virtual reality has come close to reality. But the technology is still developing, and it is unlikely to substitute for the actual world we live in.

 VR can fool your brain only up to a certain amount of time and then the side effects kick in and you will experience the real world.  We are still not at a stage where VR can replace reality.

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