5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Whiteboard Explainer Video

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From many video styles, you can pick whiteboard explainer videos to market your product or business. They are not educational, and entertaining, but also engaging. Making an effective whiteboard explainer video is a multi-step task, and it needs cautious consideration amid each step. Yet, numerous blunders can be made and will frighten your target audience.

So, avoid these 4 mistakes that tend to spoil your whiteboard explainer video, which most of the video makers make:

Mistake 1: Length of the Video

Place yourself in the shoes of viewers. You will not prefer to watch your long video, and so wouldn’t the viewers. Ensure the video and its script has something new at regular intervals to keep viewers entertained and included.

Mistake 2: Lack of Interconnected Drawings

If there is no connection throughout the drawings, then it will produce some deadly results. Like, it will allow viewers lose their attention and they won’t be able to follow the story you’re narrating. Make sure to connect one drawing with the next one to make storyline flow much improved and thus it makes the video effective. Otherwise, your video will seem like a black and white cartoon to the viewers.

Mistake 3: Lack of White Background

Keep in mind that whiteboard explainer videos require white background. You need to make drawing and tell a specific story to your audience on a whiteboard. Use of different color’s background is possible but it won’t be referred as whiteboard explainer video anymore.

Mistake 4: Not Incorporating the Drawing Hand

Since, these are hand-drawn videos so it is essential to incorporate the drawing hand of the artist. By not including the human hand in your whiteboard explainer video, it will certainly become the charm loser and will also fail to deliver its educational outlook.

Mistake 5: Too Much Colorful

Your whiteboard explainer video doesn’t need to give a gloomy and sad look at all. At the same time, it doesn’t have to be a color palette either. Include some of your brand colors in whiteboard explainer video to show off your brand identity, but don’t add too many colors to it. Use little bit of the color in fixed spots, since whiteboard explainer videos are generally black and white in color.

Thus, by following these DONT’S, you can improve making whiteboard explainer videos. These tips help you better captivate your audience attention and make them stick to your website.

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